Photoshop Tutorial Colored Chrome Text Effect

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This web design tutorial will show you how to create a stunning looking chrome text effect image in Photoshop. This tutorial is on the easy end of the complexity scale of graphic and web design.

To start off with you will need to download the example image, fonts and gradient resources below:

Download Resources

Step 1

Download the Reflection image and open it in Photoshop

Go to Edit > Define Pattern, and type Reflection Pattern in the Name field.

Create the Background

Step 1

Create a new 950 x 650 px image in Photoshop. Add the Asphalt Damaged  texture on top of the Background layer, and resize it to fit the background.

Step 2

Double-click the layer with the Asphalt open the Layer Style dialog. Select Gradient Overlay in the styles column. Set the following settings in the right hand section of the dialog:

  • Blend Mode: Multiply
  • Style: Radial
  • Scale: 150%
  • Click the Gradient box to create the gradient fill using the colors #757575 to the right and #0f0f0f to the left.

The image should end up looking something like this:

 Create the Text Layers

Step 1

Here you can use any font you like. We have chosen Arial Black. Resize to fit to your taste. Set the Kerning to Optical. Set the font color to #808080.


Step 2

Duplicate the text layer, and change the copy’s Fill value to 0.


Style the Original Text Layer

Double-click the original text layer to apply the following layer style:

Step 1

Add a Bevel and Emboss with these settings:

  • Style: Inner Bevel
  • Size: 1
  • Uncheck the Use Global Light box
  • Angle: 30
  • Altitude: 16
  • Check the Anti-aliased box
  • Highlight Mode – Opacity: 100%
  • Shadow Mode – Opacity: 100%

Step 2

Add a Contour with these settings:

  • Contour: Cove – Shallow
  • Check the Anti-aliased box
  • Range: 100%

Step 3

Add a Stroke with these settings:

Step 4

Add an Inner Shadow with these settings:

  • Opacity: 35%
  • Uncheck the Use Global Light box
  • Angle: -115
  • Distance: 3
  • Size: 7

Step 5

Add an Inner Glow with these settings:

  • Blend Mode: Vivid Light
  • Opacity: 100%
  • Color: #f4f2e7
  • Choke: 0
  • Size: 3

Step 6

Add a Gradient Overlay with these settings:

  • Check the Dither box
  • Blend Mode: Color
  • Opacity: 90%
  • Check the Reverse box
  • Use the stove pipe 70 gradient fill

Step 7

Add a Pattern Overlay with these settings:

  • Pattern: Reflection Pattern
  • Scale: 50%

Step 8

Add an Outer Glow with these settings:

  • Blend Mode: Multiply
  • Opacity: 35%
  • Color: #404040
  • Size: 21

Step 9

Add a Drop Shadow with these settings:

  • Opacity: 100%
  • Distance: 5
  • Spread: 10
  • Size: 10

Step 10

You can go back to the Pattern Overlay effect, and then click-drag the pattern inside the text to move it around until you get a result you like.

We hope you enjoyed this graphic and web design tutorial. Stay tuned for many more Photoshop and web design tutorials.

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