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If you are looking to improve your website rankings in the Google search results, generate more traffic and grow your online business then you have come to the right place. We are a results driven SEO business that has proven time and time again that we are the Sunshine Coast's number one SEO Consultancy. Providing the Sunshine Coast, the Gold Coast and Brisbane with affordable long term search engine optimisation. Feel free to contact us via our contact page or via Linkedin for an obligation free phone call or free website analysis to discuss your SEO and business goals.


On site Search Engine Optimisation is work we perform on your website to ensure it is technically setup and optimised for Google to read and understand exactly what your business is about.


We create professional looking websites for all businesses, from small businesses with one operator to large scale ecommerce sites with tens of thousands of products. We design our websites using platforms like WordPress, OpenCart, Magento and Joomla, that are SEO optimised, with low cost affordable pricing.


We spread your brand by publishing great and informative content on major media websites like,,, and other websites that are related to your business niche.


We help you expand the content on your website to engage your customers and inform them with all the answers they have to the questions related to your business niche.

Need a SEO Expert on the Sunshine Coast?

Regardless of you budget size, or business size, our goal at Rank One SEO Sunshine Coast is to provide our customers expert level Search Engine Optimization services with proven results. We have shown time and time again, no matter the business size, whether you’re a small business or a large Sunshine Coast enterprise, we are the best SEO’s on The Sunshine Coast. We implement proven SEO strategies that drastically improve your Google Rankings.

Search Engine Optimisation is vital to success.

Our SEO techniques will help your website get to the top of the Google search results and dominate your competition. We back our results, providing no lock in contracts. Our services include SEO keyword rankings and performance reports. Our team will increase your website search traffic, improve sales, increase your website rankings, and get you to the top of Page 1 of Google.

Sunshine Coast Website Design

Website Development starting from $2000.

Are you aware that there are over a 172 million websites in the wold today? Out of the 172 million websites, 75 million are designed in WordPress. That’s an impressive 43% of the internet is designed in WordPress. This comes as no surprise to us, because we know the power and boundless limitations that the WordPress platform delivers. It is a very flexible platform that has powerful SEO components that we always take full advantage of. If you’re looking at starting a new business or redesigning an existing website, we can can help you build a professional looking website to suit your business and your budget. The link below has examples of our previous work. Get in touch with us for a free Sunshine Coast web design quote.


Exposing Your Business Brand To The World

Content Marketing is a highly coordinated SEO marketing strategy that many digital marketing agencies advertise that they specialise in, but unfortunately don’t do well. Professional Content Marketing involves countless hours of research, coming up with unique ideas and having relationships with the right affiliate websites in order to maximise the exposure of your website and brand. Let us put your brand in front of millions of users with an expert Search Engine Optimisation campaign.


Quality Content is essential to website rankings.

Google’s search algorithm complexities are something that you and I will never be able to understand completely. The Google Search Engines are always evolving to deliver the best quality search results to people looking for services and answers to questions. Low quality content that is stuffed with targeted keywords repeatedly, eventually suffer Google penalties that result in them being moved to pages 2 and beyond. Fortunately, creating quality content is our speciality. We create content that is designed to not only rank you high in the Google search results, but engage and proving useful information to your customers. This makes both your customer base and the search engines happy.


The SEO marketing strategy that you choose to generate and drive more traffic to your website in order to get to the top of the Google rankings is reliant on several factors:

  1. Location: The territory size and location play a big factor when determining how aggressive you need your SEO campaign will need to be. This is because your competition density determines how many people are are fighting for the same space. For example an SEO campaign for a Brisbane building company will be more difficult than an SEO campaign for a Sunshine Coast plumbing company, because the Sunshine Coast has a less dense population than Brisbane.

  2. Competition: If your competition is appearing on page one of Google rankings, and have been proactively investing is professional SEO services for several years, then the chances of you leap frogging them in the search results in the short term is going to be very small.
  1. Budget: Good SEO practises involve lots of man (and woman) hours. We spend our time and materials constantly researching, analysing your competition, strategising and implementing from week to week. Your SEO budget is determining how much of our professional services are used.

There is no, “one size fits all” when it comes to a successful Search Engine Optimisation strategy. We have several SEO Sunshine Coast pricing packages to suit everybody’s business size and budget. We always suggest a package based on our initial findings from our free website SEO technical audit. We have outlines below some of the processes we use to implement a successful SEO Sunshine Coast campaign.


From the very start, for any Sunshine Coast business we start off with an advanced website technical analysis and audit. This requires hours of analysing analytics data of all the technical aspects of the website. How it has been put together, and where your current Google search rankings and traffic statistics are. Google search engines look for various pieces and descriptions to be set up in the right places. This set up needs to be set up perfectly on every page of a website and must not be keyword stuffed. We analyse all your website data and provide a comprehensive SEO report with our findings. From the we move on to onsite recommendations and SEO implementation.


In most cases, you will find SEO companies do a quick technical audit on your website. They then come back and hand to you a few website recommendations and changes. They expect you to fix the problems, or expect you to hire a web developer to fix the issues. What separates our SEO Sunshine Coast services from the rest? We do all your on-site website changes for you. We have been building websites for businesses for over 20 years. During this time we have grown to champion all aspects of Search Engine Optimisation and website development. Whether its WordPressMagentoShopify, Big Commerce or OpenCart, we know how to use these web platforms to promote your brand and take full advantage of their power. Because we do this as part of our all of our SEO Sunshine Coast packages, you save loads of money.


On-going competition analysis is a major part to a successful SEO Sunshine Coast campaign. This is because the effort and investment you need to make to rise to the top of Google Page 1 is largely dependant on the amount of time and effort your competition is investing in. We use complex backend Search Engine Optimisation analysis tools to see exactly what your competition is doing to promote their Sunshine Coast business online, and how much traffic they are generating. Once we have a very clear picture of the amount of time, money and effort your competition is spending on their SEO approach, we can give you a recommendation of the time and materials you will need to invest in to catch and beat them. Your organic search results position is very much governed by what your competition is doing in your business niche in your target location.


A successful Search Engine Optimisation strategy involves hours of keyword research for your particular business niche and location. Simply trying to target a handful of the major keywords for your business niche is not only difficult because everyone wants to rank for them, but also means you are missing out on a tonne of potential Google traffic. We find not only the major keywords but also what is known as the ‘long tail’ keywords that people use to find your business. Fun Fact: Did you know there are 3.5 billion Google Searches every day? That’s over 40,000 searches a second going on in the world at any given moment! Not everyone searches the same exact words, therefor it is important to make sure you are capturing a wide audience via your keyword strategy. Keyword strategies must be up to date and are constantly changing. At Rank One SEO Sunshine Coast , we revise keywords month to month to make sure you are up to date with what your customers are looking for.


If you have done some of your own research into how SEO works, I have no doubt you have come across the term ‘backlinks’, ‘back links’, or ‘backlinking’. This refers to acquiring link from other websites that point back to your website. Acquiring backlinks is a major component to any Sunshine Coast SEO campaign. If this is the case, then why aren’t there businesses out there selling backlinks? The answer is, there is! However, do not be tempted to partake in this practise, it is a red card as far as Google is concerned. Buying backlinks will result in your website being penalised in the Google search results and possibly even blacklisted, meaning your site is completely removed from Google all together. Unfortunately, many agencies practise this black art and use it as the major way to boost a customer’s rankings in the search results. Google eventually works out who the offending sites are and then they see a dramatic decline in rankings. Many of our customers have gone down this path, hiring cheap Indian and other overseas ‘SEO Services Experts’ and then come to us to clean up the mess. In some cases, the damage done is so bad that they have to abandon their existing domain and start fresh. Ask yourself if your Sunshine Coast business could sustain the revenue loss being backlisted for an extended period?


Tracking the amount of traffic your website is generating is where most SEO Agencies stop. They show you traffic increasing (or decreasing) and that’s about all. At Rank One SEO Sunshine Coast we go the extra mile to help you set up conversion tracking as a standard part of our SEO services. Conversion tracking is providing a metric that shows not only how many people are visiting your site, but how many sales your business is achieving from each visit and what channels they came through to find your site. These can include Pay Per Click Advertising, Organic Search Results, Referrals from other websites, or social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Bounce rates show how many people landed on your site and didn’t hang around for very long and are essentially a lost sale. We focus on helping your improve sales and decrease your bounce rates.


We provide detailed SEO reports every month to all of our clients. We believe in being completely transparent with the work we do and detail what we are working and the results being produced. Search Engine Optimisation is a long-term investment for a business and website. Good results do not happen instantly, if they did, everyone would be on page 1. Like any investment, whether it be money in a bank, or blue-chip shares on the stock market, a smart investment will return exponential compounded Google traffic in time. Our Search Engine Optimisation reports provide detailed keyword ranking positions, as well as the positions of your competitors, allowing you to easily see not only how much traffic your investment is generating, but how much traffic your competition is generating as well.


There can be many reasons why a website is not ranking well in the Google search results. Google’s ranking algorithm is a secret, but trial and error has proven to highlight some of the most common reasons websites fail to rank well. This is a comprehensive list of the major problems facing most websites that are ranking poorly:


The technical backend HTML of all the pages on your site need to be well optimised in order for Google to understand what your website is about. This is what is referred to as On Site Search Engine Optimisation. The Google bots crawl your site and read all the content on your pages, and when they do they also look for specific HTML components in key areas of your web pages. It is crucial to have these HTML elements like titles, meta descriptions, H1 tags and alt image tags set up correctly in order for Google to read and interpret your webpages. When you have these elements set up correctly your keyword rankings will improve. Having pages setup with generic names like ‘Home’, ‘Services’ and the like don’t tell Google what your page and site is about. As a result your site won’t be indexed for the keywords you seek and your target audience will be presented to you competition that has everything set up correctly. This also applies to images on your website. Google cannot see images (well at this stage anyway!), therefor it is important to optimise your images using ‘alt’ tags. These are tags that describe what an image is about, so that Google has an idea of what is being shown.


A backlink is a link that resides on another website (other that yours), that points back to your website. Eg: It is pointing ‘back’ to you. This more quality backlinks you obtain the more popular Google see’s your website as being. I must stress the word quality! So from a search engine optimisation standpoint, what is a high quality backlink and what is a low quality backlink? Backlinks that are considered high quality are links that are from other highly reputable websites that are relevant to your website / business. For example, if you needed a recommendation on where to get good quality DSLR camera, and you asked your local wedding photographer and your local bakery, who’s advise would you take? The exact same thing goes for backlinks. If you are a professional DSLR camera shop website, and you get a backlink from both the Nikon website and from a bakery shop website, which one do you think is Google is going to consider a high quality backlink? The one from the Nikon website of course. There are many more complexities involved with backlinking, including do not buy back links, and which sites are considered high quality vs low quality, and we can help you throughout your SEO Sunshine Coast Campaign.


If you have hired a cheap dodgy overseas ‘SEO services’ to work on your SEO campaign, there is a strong possibility you have paid for large amounts of low-quality backlinks to your website. If this is the case, it is most likely that Google has found and penalized your website for these practises. Buying large amounts of backlinks is a ‘get rich quick’ mentality and as in most cases in life, they never work out in the long run. Most of the time it is possible to reverse these past SEO sins, but it takes time and effort to go through each and every poor link to reverse the effects. This usually means many man (and woman) hours of contacting websites to remove the links pointing back to your website. If the black list of links it really large, sometimes you are better off abandoning the website domain name and starting fresh. Please note, the Google Search Console, which was previously called the Google Web Master portal, should be checked regularly. This will show you any warnings from Google of your site being at risk of a penalty or on the brink of being banned altogether.


Once again that age old human trait called ‘greed’ come into play when we find out a little bit about what works with optimising elements for Google. It is important to take advantage of optimising your HTML page elements with the right keywords, but you need to be carful not to ‘keyword stuff’ these elements. Keyword stuffing is basically shoving lots of high-ranking keywords into these elements in order to try and manipulate search rankings. This will result in an adverse negative effect on your SEO campaign. We optimise these HTML elements day in and day out and know how much sugar to add to the right places.


Another term that frequently used in the SEO world is, “Content is King”. What does this mean? Essentially Google to trying to provide people with the best possible search results to questions and services people are looking for. “Thin Content” refers to websites or pages that have little page content and therefor regarded by search engines as low quality. You may be the best service provider in your industry, and if that is the case then you have to prove it. How? By Writing it down on your website. Give people and search engines the answers to the questions they are looking for. Do this and your site will be considered high quality. Be careful not to copy other web pages and websites, as this is another way to achieve yourself a Google penalty. Also changing copied content by ‘spinning’ (a term meaning rewriting someone’s else’s content) is also a bad practise. At Rank One SEO we have properly qualified staff that have bachelor’s degree’s in Marketing and Public Relations obtained from Queensland University of Technology (QUT Gardens Point), and we write professional content and press releases for you.


We live in a world where we are all competing against one another for one reason or another. The only reason you are reading this information is because you need a Sunshine Coast SEO Campaign to help your business beat your competition. It is an unfortunate reality that there is such a thing as a ‘negative SEO attack’. A negative SEO attack occurs when your competition purchases hundreds or thousands of backlinks from low quality SPAM websites and points them back to your website. It is important that you have an SEO consultant continuously monitoring your incoming backlinks, on the lookout for negative SEO attacks. When found we must disavow these poor quality links as soon as possible to avoid any Google penalty.


What is a Robots.txt file? It is a text file that resides in the root directory of your website and tells Google, Bing and other search engines which parts of your website to crawl, index and rank you for, and which parts not to index. A WordPress or OpenCart website will have many areas such as categories and admin areas which should not be index in search engines. These areas of your site are of no use to the general public looking for your services. There are also pages that may contain a low amount of content of be duplicate content, especially if you have a large ecommerce website. A robots.txt should also contain your sitemap, which is also used to specifically list each page of your website. We can help your setup and maintain your robots.txt file.


Believe it or not, most of our work comes from:

  1. New business start-ups wanting to rank highly from the day one (hate to break it to you, not going to happen).
  1. Existing websites that have decided to have their websites re-written with a fresh look and feel. Note: Their previous website was ranking averagely, not poorly, and their new website doesn’t even rank for one keyword.

Number 2, existing websites that have been rewritten. In this scenario the new website has been created by amateur website developers, or website designers that have absolutely no clue about SEO. Time and time again we come in to save the day, only to find the new website has poorly implemented areas like pages called “home”, or “services”. They have had all previous content stripped out of the previous pages and replaced with bare minimum (useless) content (because the web developer wants to do as little as possible for his money). The thing the are good at is making the new like look great, and unfortunately the customer (you) is happy with that, until your rankings die overnight. In many cases it costs the customer double what they spent on their initial website to be fixed and become technically SEO sound. If you need a new website, please come to the SEO and Website design experts. You will not only get a great looking website, but a fully optimised SEO website. Ask yourself this, what is the point of having a great website that nobody has ever seen?


Unfortunately, no matter what industry you work in there are shonkey, sleezy, con-artists that promise you the world and produce services that do not deliver the goods. So called SEO experts are everywhere now days. I’m sure you get unsolicited emails on a weekly basis or not a daily basis from these so-called experts from the Sunshine Coast and overseas. Here are several reasons to consider using Rank One SEO Sunshine Coast over large rich SEO agencies:


All large agencies, bar none, have only a few true SEO experts. These guys are not the people working on your Search Engine Optimisation campaign. They are reserved for the one or two multi-million-dollar clients they have on their books. So, who do you get? You are guaranteed to get an intern or even a work experience volunteer in some cases, who are your dedicated ‘SEO services account manager’. They have no clue what they are doing and have very limited knowledge in what works and what doesn’t in the SEO world. Large agency staff have a high staff turnover, as their employees graduate from university and move on.


A good SEO Sunshine Coast campaign is about producing and delivering good results. If your SEO campaign isn’t going well it could be because large SEO agencies more often that not, have many people working on your campaign. Nobody really knows what the rest of the team is doing, and they can be counterproductive. Most large SEO agencies outsource to India, Asia and other overseas contractors who have English as a second language. They don’t understand how Sunshine Coast businesses work or the Sunshine Coast consumer demographic. At Rank One SEO Sunshine Coast, we hold ourselves accountable for our promises and delivery of results. We don’t make false promises of getting your business to the top of the search results just to get your business. If we conduct a website analysis in conjunction with competition analysis and find that we don’t believe we can improve your rankings, then we will politely decline to take you on as a client.


If you look at large Sunshine Coast SEO agencies, you notice one thing they all have in common …. Large offices in expensive locations. Decked out with all the bells and whistles including modern trendy furniture, designer couches. They have expensive Christmas parties and drive luxury cars. Yes, this might prove they are successful. Successful sales people with the gift of the gab. They can sell ice to eskimo’s, but this doesn’t mean they are actually getting great results for their clients. You are more often than not just funding their lavish lifestyles. At Rank One SEO Sunshine Coast we keep our costs down, which keeps your costs down. We are a small tight nit group located in Fitzroy St, Cleveland. No designer couches and standing desks here, just hard working, dedicated Search Engine Optimisation service professionals.


Many SEO Sunshine Coast agencies have several clients within the same niche in the same territory. If you were a Sunshine Coast plumber would you be happy if the SEO agency you hired had two or more Sunshine Coast plumbing companies as clients? No! At Rank One SEO Sunshine Coast we provide guaranteed ownership of your territory and will not take on any other of your direct competition as clients. Taking on multiple clients fighting for the same space is a deceitful act that we will not be part of. We like to sleep well at night, knowing we are acting in our client’s best interests.

How to Do an SEO Audit on Your Website?

Most people think that their website is the best web design. A nice colourful WordPress layout with great navigation and user interface. They pay “expert web design companies” a lot of money to create a nice-looking website. These so-called experts create these webs designs with no knowledge of search engine optimistaion. What is a point of having a fantastic looking website that nobody knows exists? Its like buying a Ferrari and never driving it.
We have put together a list on how to do a technical audit for a website, in order to help out all the Sunshine Coast small business owners that can’t afford to get a search engine optimisation specialist to perform the job.

Things to Remember:

Before we take you through the steps of an SEO audit, we recommend that you become aware of the many SEO software tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, and Moz, that have advanced SEO site audit tools to help you with a SEO audit. These are great SEO tools with many advanced features which will allow you to know both the good aspects about your website and also what is dragging it down in the search results rankings. The problem with these SEO software packages is they are very expensive and you generally need a solid background in SEO in order to understand how they work and to interpret their results.

How to Do an SEO Audit on Your Website in 10 Simple Steps.

1. Work on Website Links:

The first step is to find out your internal and external link building opportunities. The best way to build internal links is to use an anchor text and link content from older and related content that already has some equity. Make sure that you are linking from a page that has the highest PA (page authority) and DA (domain authority). A chrome extension like Mozbar comes in handy at this stage.
After you have built reliable internal links, it’s time to focus on external links. As the name suggests, these are links from other websites that link back to your website. These are much harder to acquire, as paying for links goes against Googles policies. If you buy backlinks you will end up receiving a Google penalty or in some cases being black listed and deleted from the search results. You can try local search directories and business listing directories as a way of obtaining some external backlinks.

2. Work on Website Content:

You need to make sure that your website content is useful to your target audience. You should remember that website pages with thin content don’t get much respect from search engines, and therefor don’t rank well in result pages. What are thin pages? Thin pages are pages that don’t have much content, or have a lot of useless content. For instance, a page that explains a complex topic and has just 300 words of filler content is considered thin. When you beef up your content, make sure you add relevant and useful information.
It is also recommended that you look for duplicate content as well. Google knows whether your content is being copied from somewhere else (accidentally or intentionally). So, don’t try to be smarter than the search giant. Follow the rules and reap the rewards.

At this stage, you should also use a free keyword tool to find relevant keywords with search high volumes. Its best to add the targeted keywords in the URL, H1, Title, H2, the meta descriptions, the meta titles on each page. Make sure your keywords are spread naturally through the page and not stuffed and repeated over and over.
You should also create the right meta tags and descriptions. Meta tags should be 50-60 characters long while descriptions should be between 155-160.

3. Keep Pages Fresh:

The next step should be to keep all the pages of your website fresh so that Google can crawl that page and you remain relevant for the search engine. Make sure that you update your top pages regularly. Many SEO products with rank trackers show you where each of your individual pages ranks in regards to a keyword, and how much traffic is being generated. You can update the page by either adding new content, adding new ancillary keywords or by doing basics like fixing broken links, compressing images, etc. You can also look for pages that generate 0 organic traffic and either update or remove them.

4. Focus on Speed Analytics:

If you want to make sure that your website ranks well, make sure you do speed tests regularly to check if all webpages are loaded in the best possible time across both computer and mobile devices. As users don’t like to wait using any website. If you have a slow website they simply close the tab if they are required to wait for more than a few seconds while the page loads. A tool that may help here is Googles Speed Test. Simply type “Speed Test” in the Google Search and it will be the first result.

5. Find and Fix Errors:

If you have browsed the websites as a consumer, you will agree that there is nothing more annoying than getting 404 page not found errors. As a website owner or manager, make sure that they don’t annoy your customers and fix all broken links and images. Broken links are also dangerous as they can harm your internal linking structure. You can find all 404s within a website by using site audit tools. After you have removed the erroneous pages, you should redirect a user to a new page instead or redirect a user to the homepage instead of the broken page.

6. Use HTTPS instead of HTTP:

Last on the list should be your commitment to the HTTPS protocol instead of HTTP. This provides users with secure socket layer encryption, and yes this does improve your Google rankings. Security is a concern because according to a study, hackers attack your website every 39 seconds. You should contact your website hosting provider to enable HTTPS.
A good SEO technical audit is a process that ensures that everything from web design to content and from page speed to information architecture is as good as it possibly can be. You should do an SEO audit of the website once every few months.

If you don’t have time to perform your own SEO audit or find the process too difficult, contact us for an obligation free quote.