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If you are looking to improve your website traffic in Google searches, and generate more traffic to grow your online business, or website then you have come to the right place. We are a results driven SEO consultancy that has proven repeatedly that we are the Gold Coast’s number one SEO business. Providing Gold Coast, the Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast with an affordable long term search engine optimisation strategy. Contact us via our contact page or via Linkedin for an obligation free free website analysis or a simple phone call or to discuss your SEO, business, and website goals.


On site Search Engine Optimisation is work we perform on your website to ensure it is technically setup and optimised for Google to read and understand exactly what your business is about.


We create professional looking websites for all businesses, from small businesses with one operator to large scale ecommerce sites with tens of thousands of products. We design our websites using platforms like WordPress, OpenCart, Magento and Joomla, that are SEO optimised, with low cost affordable pricing.


We spread your brand by publishing great and informative content on major media websites like,,, and other websites that are related to your business niche.


We help you expand the content on your website to engage your customers and inform them with all the answers they have to the questions related to your business niche.

Need a SEO Expert on the Gold Coast?

Regardless of your budget, or how big your business is, our goal at Rank One SEO Gold Coast is to provide you with repeated positive results and website traffic generated with good Search Engine Optimisation. We have proven over and over that regardless of your business size, whether you are just starting a new business venture, or a multinational large business, we are the best SEO consultancy on the Gold Coast. We use proven SEO strategies which drastically improved yous Google rankings and website trafiic.

Search Engine Optimisation is crucial to success.

Our SEO methodologies will help your business get on top of the Google search results and dominate your Gold Coast business niche. We back both our practises and the results we deliver. We do not do no lock in contracts. Our services include  SEO progress reports and keyword rankings positions. Our digital marketing team will increase your Google rankings, improve conversions, increase your website traffic, and get you on Page 1 of Google.

Gold Coast Web Development

Website Development starting from $2000.

There are over 172 million websites in the wold today. 75 million of these websites are powered by WordPress. That’s over 43% of the internet is written in WordPress. This is why we develop the majority of our websites in WordPress. We leverage the power, flexibility and SEO capabilities that WordPress delivers. WordPress it is a development platform that is both flexible and has powerful SEO capabilities that we take advantage of. If you’re starting a new website or planning a startup, we can help you build a professional looking, SEO friendly website that suits your business and your budget. Get in touch with us for a free web design Gold Coast quote.


Exposing Your Business Brand To The World

Content Marketing is a highly coordinated digital marketing strategy that many SEO companies try advertise that do, but unfortunately don’t do well. Proper Content Marketing involves endless hours of research, unique ideas and pitching to the right affiliate websites in order to maximise the exposure of your business and brand. Let us put your brand in front of millions of people with an expert Search Engine Optimisation campaign.


Quality Content is paramount.

Google’s artificial intelligence levels are something that you and I will never be able to fathom. The Google Search Engines are always evolving to deliver the best quality content to people looking for services and answers. Therefor low-quality content that is stuffed repeatedly with target keywords are eventually suffer Google penalties that result in them being moved to pages 2 and worse. Fortunately, quality content is our forte. We create content that is designed to not only rank you higher in the search results, but engage and entertain your customers and users. This makes both your target audience and search engines happy.


The digital marketing strategy that you choose to drive more traffic to your business or website to the top of the Google rankings is dependent on several factors:

  1. Your Location: Your territory size and location play a big factor in determining how aggressive you need your SEO campaign to be, because this determines how much competition in your area are fighting for the same space. For example an SEO campaign for a Sydney plumbing company will be more difficult than an SEO campaign for a Gold Coast plumbing company, because Gold Coast has a less dense population than Brisbane.

  2. Your Competition: If your competition is sitting comfortably on page one of Google and have been proactively investing is professional SEO services for several years, then the chances of you leap frogging them in the search engines in the short term is going to be very slim.
  1. Your Budget: Good SEO comes down to lots of man (and woman!) hours. We spend our time and materials constantly researching, analysing your competition, strategizing and implementing from month to month. Your SEO budget is determining how much of our professional services are consumed.

There is no, “one size fits all” when it comes to successful Search Engine Optimisation strategies. We have several SEO Gold Coast pricing packages to suit everybody’s business size and budget. We always suggest a package based on our initial findings from our free website SEO technical audit. We have outlines below some of the processes we use to implement a successful SEO Gold Coast campaign.


Right from the get go, for any Gold Coast business we start off with an exhaustive website technical analysis and audit. This requires hours of careful interpretation of data of all the technical aspects of the website, how it has been put together, and where your current Google rankings and traffic statistics are. Google search engines look for various tags and descriptions to be set up in the right places. This set up needs to be perfect on every page of a website and must not be keyword stuffed. We analyse all your website data and provide a comprehensive SEO report with our findings. From the we move on to onsite recommendations and SEO implementation.


In most cases, you will find SEO companies do a technical audit on your website. Then come back and hand to you a bunch of website recommendations and changes. They expect you to fix the problems or expect you to hire a web developer to fix the problems. What separates our SEO Gold Coast business from the rest? We do all your onsite website changes for you. We have been building websites for businesses since 1998. With over 20 years experience in Search Engine Optimisation and website development, we have seen it all. Whether its WordPressMagentoShopify, Big Commerce or OpenCart, we understand how these web platforms work and how to take full advantage of their power. Because we do this as part of our all of our SEO Gold Coast packages, you save loads of money.


Ongoing competitor analysis is a major aspect to a successful SEO Gold Coast campaign. This is because the effort and investment you need to make to rise to the top of Google Page 1 is largely dependant on the amount of time and effort your competition is investing in. We use complex backend Search Engine Optimisation analysis tools to see exactly what your competition is doing to promote their Gold Coast business online, and how much traffic they are generating. Once we have a very clear picture of the amount of time, money and effort your competition is spending on their SEO approach, we can give you a recommendation of the time and materials you will need to invest in to catch and beat them. Your organic search results position is very much governed by what your competition is doing in your business niche in your target location.


A successful Search Engine Optimisation strategy involves hours of keyword research for your particular business niche and location. Simply trying to target a handful of the major keywords for your business niche is not only difficult because everyone wants to rank for them, but also means you are missing out on a tonne of potential Google traffic. We find not only the major keywords but also what is known as the ‘long tail’ keywords that people use to find your business. Fun Fact: Did you know there are 3.5 billion Google Searches every day? That’s over 40,000 searches a second going on in the world at any given moment! Not everyone searches the same exact words, therefor it is important to make sure you are capturing a wide audience via your keyword strategy. Keyword strategies must be up to date and are constantly changing. At Rank One SEO Gold Coast, we revise keywords month to month to make sure you are up to date with what your customers are looking for.


If you have done some of your own research into how SEO works, I have no doubt you have come across the term ‘backlinks’, ‘back links’, or ‘backlinking’. This refers to acquiring link from other websites that point back to your website. Acquiring backlinks is a major component to any Gold Coast SEO campaign. If this is the case, then why aren’t there businesses out there selling backlinks? The answer is, there is! However, do not be tempted to partake in this practise, it is a red card as far as Google is concerned. Buying backlinks will result in your website being penalised in the Google search results and possibly even blacklisted, meaning your site is completely removed from Google all together. Unfortunately, many agencies practise this black art and use it as the major way to boost a customer’s rankings in the search results. Google eventually works out who the offending sites are and then they see a dramatic decline in rankings. Many of our customers have gone down this path, hiring cheap Indian and other overseas ‘SEO Services Experts’ and then come to us to clean up the mess. In some cases, the damage done is so bad that they have to abandon their existing domain and start fresh. Ask yourself if your Gold Coast business could sustain the revenue loss being backlisted for an extended period?


Tracking the amount of traffic your website is generating is where most SEO Agencies stop. They show you traffic increasing (or decreasing) and that’s about all. At Rank One SEO Gold Coast we go the extra mile to help you set up conversion tracking as a standard part of our SEO services. Conversion tracking is providing a metric that shows not only how many people are visiting your site, but how many sales your business is achieving from each visit and what channels they came through to find your site. These can include Pay Per Click Advertising, Organic Search Results, Referrals from other websites, or social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Bounce rates show how many people landed on your site and didn’t hang around for very long and are essentially a lost sale. We focus on helping your improve sales and decrease your bounce rates.


We provide detailed SEO reports every month to all of our clients. We believe in being completely transparent with the work we do and detail what we are working and the results being produced. Search Engine Optimisation is a long-term investment for a business and website. Good results do not happen instantly, if they did, everyone would be on page 1. Like any investment, whether it be money in a bank, or blue-chip shares on the stock market, a smart investment will return exponential compounded Google traffic in time. Our Search Engine Optimisation reports provide detailed keyword ranking positions, as well as the positions of your competitors, allowing you to easily see not only how much traffic your investment is generating, but how much traffic your competition is generating as well.

Good SEO vs Bad SEO Practices

Despite the availability of so much information online about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), many startups and business owners still do not really understand the value of SEO for their businesses. If you ask the majority of small and medium business owners what SEO is, they simply scratch their heads. Some might say that SEO sound like some kind of government agency or a an illegal organisation.

SEO is basically setting up your website in a way that search engines value the site as presenting valuable information or services to the public. In simple terms, it includes all those things that you do to your website to make the search engine rank you high in the search engine page results.

Is SEO Important to Your Business?

Of course! Well, only if you are trying to sell or promote yourself online. The buying behaviours of consumers have radically changed over the last two decades, since the introduction of the internet. Nowadays, more and more consumers are going online to buy products or to find services using their mobile phones, tablets and PC’s. Gone are the days when consumers relied heavily on TV, radio ads, and local Gold Coast newspapers.

Instead of looking upward at the imposing billboards on the Gold Coast Highway, consumers nowadays are looking downward at their smartphones to search for products and services that they need. Hence, the advertising strategies and tactics of most businesses nowadays have shifted online. Businesses now need a website which will serve as their online brand. They, therefore, need SEO to catapult their websites to the highest ranking of the search engine page results (SERP).

What is SERP?

To understand SEO, you also need to understand the search engine page results (SERP). Search engines have their highly specialised algorithms that rank websites accordingly. Thus, when you search using a keyword like “Gold Coast Beautician” on Google, for example, you will get a resulting list of business that provide Gold Coast Beautician services. This resulting page is called the SERP.

Google ranks websites based on certain algorithmic standards, and does this continuously 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You ranking evaluation is never static. A part of this ranking process, Google bots search the pages of all the websites for online relevance. In other words, the almighty Google wants to see the relevance of a website to a keyword search.

The function of SEO, therefore, is to make your website likeable to Google or any search engine. If the search engine sees what it likes on your website, then it will rank your website high in the SERP.     

What are the Benefits of Ranking High in the SERP?

Ranking high in the SERP has two-pronged benefits to your website. On the one hand, if your website ranks high in the SERP, it will be visible to many prospective buyers and consumers. Moreover, you’ll have more traffic coming to your website. More traffic equal more business.

Good and Bad SEO: What’s the Difference?

There are SEO techniques that are both recommended and penalized. Good SEO practices are known as White Hat practices. The bad ones are known as Black Hat SEO practices.

Black hat tactics are often used by unscrupulous SEO experts to increase the website rankings of their clients. Yet, if your website is caught using black hat tricks, Google, for example, will flag your site or remove your website totally from the its search index.

Indicators of Bad SEO:

The price of being caught using black hat tricks is hefty, and you may regret it if your site gets penalized by Google. If you are looking to hire an SEO expert, make sure that your prospective SEO agency does not practice black hat tricks. Here are some indicators of bad SEO:

  1. One indicator of bad SEO is artificial links. Black hat SEO thrives in buying links or in link schemes that promise that your website will have more links within a short span of time. Google penalizes those who pay for links.

  2. Article Spinning is another bad SEO practice. Some so-called experts in SEO hoodwink their clients by simply engaging in article spinning. This involves rewriting articles poorly and publishing these poorly written articles on the web. Google wants to give cosumers the best and most relevant information when they search a topic or a service. It hates poorly written articles because they don’t provide any real value to the customer. Moreover, links to these poorly written articles retard the process of searching for the most relevant information on the web.
  1. Another bad SEO practice is that of acquiring non-quality backlinks. Google value quality links, but it hates artificially created poor quality links. Some SEO agencies can provide you with hundreds of poor-quality backlinks. They can do this through commenting on blogs and adding links in these comments.
  2. SEO spamming is another bad SEO practice. This practice involves content spamming, using fake accounts to review, or commenting on a page, and blog spamming.
  1. Copying content from other websites is also a black hat tactic. Not only does it breach copyright laws, but it also encourages the same repeated, duplicate content on many different websites. This is despised by the search engines, and they are very good at finding duplicate content.

Other Ways to Spot a Bad SEO Expert:

If you are searching for a Gold Coast SEO agency or an SEO expert to help you optimize your website, you should be wary of these indicators:

  • If they expert offers to give you myriads of links.
  • If they often mention PageRank, which is no longer used.
  • If they charge very low prices.
  • If they promise you immediate results.
  • If they claim that they understand exactly how Google ranks websites.

Indicators of Good SEO:

How can you engage in good SEO practices? Well, it definitely requires a clear understanding what the search engines like. First, Google wants you to honor the users’ experience. Hence, it wants you to have quality contents on your website. Links and backlinks to your website will readily increase if you have useful and unique content. Your website should be filled with quality content that would benefits your target audience or market. Your content should be link-worthy and shareworthy.

Understanding On-page and Off-page SEO:

Website optimization has two main components, namely: On-page and Off-page SEO. Your SEO campaign hinges on how good you have engaged these two aspects of SEO. Remember that Google has automatic algorithms, and to be a master of SEO, you need to understand how these algorithms work. These algorithms usually evaluate how you engage in on-page and off-page SEO. These algorithms also generally evaluate what your site is all about (on-page) and how popular and authoritative your site is (off-page SEO).

On-page SEO:

The way you optimise various parts of your website generally determines your website ranking. Always remember that you have control over your web pages, and you can configure them accordingly:

  • You can configure your titles in such a way that your targeted keywords are well-placed on the title tag of your web page.
  • You can create relevant and meaningful headings. You can also include your target keywords in the headings of every web page.
  • You can put keywords in your URL's if you can.
  • You can also add "alt text” to the images on your site.
  • Make sure that your page is fast-loading and mobile phone friendly.
  • Include internal links.
  • Your content should be very useful and relevant to your target market or audience.

Off-page SEO:

Off-page SEO deals with how you increase the authority of your domain. You can do this by developing quality links. There is a criterium called "Domain Authority." This criterium calculates the authoritativeness of sites relative to other sites.

Google truly loves quality links and your site usually gets higher ranking as the number of your quality links increases. Yet, there are surefire ways to increase your quality links and backlinks. These ways include the following:

  • Creating awesome content that would prod other people to link back to your site.
  • Interlinking your SEO landing pages.
  • Engaging in social media marketing.
  • Engaging in social bookmarking.
  • Publishing in article directories.

Building a website that ranks high in the Google search results is not an easy undertaking, and is achieved gradually. Search engine optimisation as a process that can take anywhere from several months, to many years, depending on your business type, competition and location. Moreover, it is an ongoing process that every website owner needs to engage in and constantly expand. It is not an undertaking for the impatient who are in a get rich quick mindset. Always remember that Google rolls out new algorithms to rid the internet of black hat tricks. Thus, it is always good to be on the safe side. Practice good SEO, and you will reap the rewards of good SEO practices.


Unfortunately, no matter what industry you work in there are shonkey, sleezy, con-artists that promise you the world and produce services that do not deliver the goods. So called SEO experts are everywhere now days. I’m sure you get unsolicited emails on a weekly basis or not a daily basis from these so-called experts from Gold Coast and overseas. Here are several reasons to consider using Rank One SEO Gold Coast over large rich SEO agencies:


All large agencies, bar none, have only a few true SEO experts. These guys are not the people working on your Search Engine Optimisation campaign. They are reserved for the one or two multi-million-dollar clients they have on their books. So, who do you get? You are guaranteed to get an intern or even a work experience volunteer in some cases, who are your dedicated ‘SEO services account manager’. They have no clue what they are doing and have very limited knowledge in what works and what doesn’t in the SEO world. Large agency staff have a high staff turnover, as their employees graduate from university and move on.


A good SEO Gold Coast campaign is about producing and delivering good results. If your SEO campaign isn’t going well it could be because large SEO agencies more often that not, have many people working on your campaign. Nobody really knows what the rest of the team is doing, and they can be counterproductive. Most large SEO agencies outsource to India, Asia and other overseas contractors who have English as a second language. They don’t understand how Gold Coast businesses work or the Gold Coast consumer demographic. At Rank One SEO Gold Coast, we hold ourselves accountable for our promises and delivery of results. We don’t make false promises of getting your business to the top of the search results just to get your business. If we conduct a website analysis in conjunction with competition analysis and find that we don’t believe we can improve your rankings, then we will politely decline to take you on as a client.


If you look at large Gold Coast SEO agencies, you notice one thing they all have in common …. Large offices in expensive locations. Decked out with all the bells and whistles including modern trendy furniture, designer couches. They have expensive Christmas parties and drive luxury cars. Yes, this might prove they are successful. Successful sales people with the gift of the gab. They can sell ice to eskimo’s, but this doesn’t mean they are actually getting great results for their clients. You are more often than not just funding their lavish lifestyles. At Rank One SEO Gold Coast we keep our costs down, which keeps your costs down. We are a small tight nit group located in Fitzroy St, Cleveland. No designer couches and standing desks here, just hard working, dedicated Search Engine Optimisation service professionals.


Many SEO Gold Coast agencies have several clients within the same niche in the same territory. If you were a Gold Coast plumber would you be happy if the SEO agency you hired had two or more Gold Coast plumbing companies as clients? No! At Rank One SEO Gold Coast we provide guaranteed ownership of your territory and will not take on any other of your direct competition as clients. Taking on multiple clients fighting for the same space is a deceitful act that we will not be part of. We like to sleep well at night, knowing we are acting in our client’s best interests.


There are so many jokes outer claiming to be ‘SEO Experts’ in Gold Coast, I have no doubt you wouldn’t know who do choose. It can be a very problematic process to go through for any Gold Coast business. We compiled a list of things to avoid in any SEO agency:


We do not do contracts! We believe if we are doing a good job, then there is no reason to lock you into a long-term contract that you cannot get out of. We work month to month with you, with a tailored campaign to suit your business niche and competition. If you are contacted by SEO agencies that insist in a lock in contract, then you need to run in the other direction as fast as you can. This style of Search Engine Optimisation agency hires very good sales staff that know how to convert sales, by telling you everything you want hear. Then once signed up they do the bare minimum to keep you campaign alive. All we require is one months’ notice in advance and you are free to leave if you wish.


If any SEO consultant guarantees you X number of keywords on Page of Google in X amount of time, then run. Why? This is impossible to know. Google works in mysterious ways and is always updating their search results algorithms. If an agency makes these claims then ask the exactly what keywords or phrases, they are guarantying and most importantly, how many people a month search for those keywords and phrases. In most cases they are guaranteeing you keywords that nobody Googles and there for are very easy to rank for.


Always ask your SEO consultant if they pay for backlinks. If the answer is yes, then once again you had better run, run, run as fast as you can. This is a big sin in the Google world and classed as cheating your way to the top. Many Search Engine Optimisation agencies buy backlinks and don’t really care what happens to you or your business. Large agencies have literally hundreds of clients on their books, and losing a few is fine for them.